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Create as many stack as you need to organize your tickets. This lets you have many backlogs or pre-planned sprints at once.

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Always stay on top of workload distribution, easily move unfinished tickets to next sprint, and many more features for you to run your sprints efficiently.

Ticket Partitioning
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Easily partition tickets into sub-tasks and never worry about consistency of assignments, estimates, and status of parent versus its children.

Powerful Assignments
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Pairing and ticket hand-offs do not mess up your sprints anymore. Assign a ticket to many members at once and distribute story points among assigees.

Connected Projects
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Create isolated projects for different stages or teams in your workflow and move tickets between projects.

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Stay on top of your team's activity, workload, and velocity and visualize where your team is most spending its energy.

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Aligno will work seamlessly with the tools that you love.

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